Expert Cabling & Telephony Service

Data and voice communication are essential to the daily operation of every business. At RC Telecom, we provide telephony installation. We also install reliable data cabling services so your network is always fast. In addition to installation, we can always service your new and existing equipment. From adding phone lines for expansion, to setting up a brand new connection, our technicians can get the job done.

Hosted Phone Systems

Take advantage of revolutionary technology with a hosted phone system. Our hosted phone systems provide a number of time saving features such as voicemail to email, and phone to PC integration. These features will streamline your interactions to ensure you can check every item off of your to do list. Other features include, no licensing necessary, ability to move phones to multi locations, and the option to have the server on site, or on a remote site. Depending on the size of your business, you can have 1 to 1,000+ handsets. You can even utilize simultaneous rings, cell phone app for call routing, full featured voicemail, music on hold, and SIP lines for any providers. These phone systems come with all the features of standard phone systems at half the cost, slashing the cost of your phone bills. You can opt for a monthly cost for your phones, or simply pay a one time price.

Types of Phone Systems We Work On

  • ESI
  • NEC (DS1000/2000, DSX, SL1100 & SL2100)
  • AVAYA (Partner, IP Office, Legend/Magix & Definity)
  • And Many More!

Services We Offer

  • Digital Phone System Sales & Service
  • Telephony Services & Cabling Copper
  • Cat 5E, Cat 6, Coaxil & Fiber Optic Cabling
  • PA Systems
  • IP Telephony Service & Installation
  • VOIP
  • Broadband Internet
  • Turn-Up & Installation
  • LAN Setup Hosted Systems

Up-to-date With Latest Advances

Telecommunication technology is ever changing. We stay up-to-date with the latest advances and our employees consider your specific needs recommending the best products. Our goal is to have satisfied customers, and providing excellent service.

Our Experienced Technicians

At RC Telecom, we employ highly trained technicians. Our techs can recommend to you the most appropriate solutions, as well as additional information for your business needs. For your convenience, we are certified in many types of cabling and phone systems, so we can install the best product for your network.
Cabling Installation - Broadband installation in Greeley, CO